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Sunday 10th March 2024



Amuse-bouche ( French-”It amuses the mouth”)

Our main courses are the piece de resistance of our roast menu. Therefore, we have introduced mini plates of delicious amuse bouche as starters for your meal. We need you to save your appetite for the last morsel of your roast and an elaborate dessert. So go ahead and amuse your taste buds while we cook you a memorable roast.


Vegetarian and vegan £8.95 (Per dish)
Steamed idli, coconut chutney, sambar sauce

Sweet potato and chickpea flour dumpling, coconut chutney, tomato and garlic sauce (vegan)

Homemade samosas, onion chutney, tamarind sauce (vegan)

Mini dosa with gently spiced potatoes, mustard and onions, sambar (vegan)


Meat and Poultry  £10.95   (Per dish)

Breast of wood pigeon, pigeon pate

Quail egg scotch egg , mango and red onion salad ,coriander chutney

Chicken tandoori tikka, mixed veg raita

Lamb sheesh kebab, coriander chutney

Seafood 12.95 (Per dish)

Lemongrass flavoured crab cake, pickled samphire

Grilled tiger prawns, mooli spirals

Soft shell crab, crab raita

Cod steamed in banana leaf , fish and mustard jus 



All roasts are accompanied with gently spiced roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, onion bhaji, gravy and Yorkshire pudding. We believe Sundays are days of feasting. So, please don't be shy to ask for more roast potatoes, vegetables, onion bhaji, gravy and yorkshire pudding if you need to. Our chefs love to serve and will be encouraged if they know that you are ordering extras!


Corn fed chicken supreme   £25.95

Belly of British free-range pork £27.95

Roasted Duck £28.95

Saddle of British lamb £29.95

Roasted Jumbo black tiger prawn £29.95

Catch of the day £29.95

Roast Aubergine  £23.95

Roast Butternut squash £23.95

Roast stuffed pepper (mushroom, spinach & Kent cheese) £23.95


Tomahawk steak charcoal smoked and flavoured with black pepper, garlic and nutmeg  Mini (20oz) £39.99   Jumbo Tomahawk  (35oz)  £64.99


(Minimum two people)

We have created these to be shared between two/four or up to six people. Please speak to our chefs if you need even bigger joints for large groups. We love marinating and slow roasting joints and would be more than happy to do these for a memorable roast dinner experience. All sharing roasts are served with gently spiced roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, onion bhaji, gravy and Yorkshire pudding.


Pot roasted whole chicken with tandoori spices - £22.95 per person

Whole slow roasted  shoulder of lamb (on the bone - pre order only. 3 days notice)  - £28.95 per person

Whole leg of goat (on the bone - pre order only. 3 days notice) - £28.95 per person

Please note to pre order the shoulder of lamb or leg of goat ,a £10 deposit per person is required


SIDES: Garlic and coriander naan £4.95 | Chickpea Masala £6.95 | Crispy okra £6.95 | Seasonal mixed vegetables £4.95 | Cumin rice £4.95 | Spinach and lentil £5.95 | Masala potato £5.95 | Assorted pickles and chutneys £2.95



Rose and vanilla crème brulee £9.95

Served with rose brittle, brandy butter, fresh fruit .An exotic twist to a classical French dessert with a subtle hint of rose and Madagascan vanilla.

Lemon bavarois £9.95

Served with brandy butter, chocolate diamond, fresh fruit.  An excellent palate cleanser after a flavoursome and spicy meal. Star anise adds depth and complexity of flavour to this tangy citrusy French pudding. 


Spanish saffron, Madagascan vanilla and coconut cheesecake  £9.95

Served with seasonal fruit coulis, chocolate diamond, fresh fruit. This is our twist on a classic cheese cake. Not too sweet. Creamy with hints of saffron.

Indian Dessert Platter  £9.95

Served with jalebi, rasgulla and steamed mango yoghurt

Chocolate Platter £10.95

A selection of our popular chocolate desserts. This is one not to be missed by chocoholics!

Chocolate cake, chocolate samosa, nectarine and chocolate ice cream. Served with brandy butter, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit, chocolate diamond and rose brittle.

Chocolate samosas £9.95

Served with passion fruit and guava parfait, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit and chocolate diamond.

Handcrafted by our dessert chefs, these moreish nuggets of sweet pastry and milk chocolate were introduced to Kent by us in 2005.


Mango kulfi  £9.95

Served with a seasonal berry coulis, mango puree, fresh fruit and rose brittle. 

It is a traditional Indian Ice cream. Every region has its own flavour and speciality. It is a popular choice during the hot and sweltering Indian summer months.

Passion fruit guava parfait £9.95

Chocolate and nectarine ice cream £8.95


Vegan Chocolate Delice £9.95

A treat for vegans made with dairy free milk chocolate on a ginger nut biscuit base. The mouse is created using plant based cream and butter. Served with mango coulis, fresh fruit and rose brittle.

Vegan chocolate dosai £9.95

Served with seasonal fruits ,chocolate sauce





Liqueur Coffees £9.95 Ask for double shot

Eclipse (Tia Maria or baileys)/ Irish (Jamesons) / Drambuie


Cocktails (Perfect for after dinner refreshment- Ask to see full cocktail and drinks menu)

Espresso martini / Baileys  Martini- Mai Tai - Negroni


Hot Chocolate £4.95 / Coffees £3.95 / Teas £4.95

Americano / Latte / Cappuccino / Flat white / Espresso / Macchiato / English breakfast tea / Peppermint tea  / Earl Grey / Masala Chai / Chai Latte

Easter Afternoon Tea 2.JPG


Mother's Day Afternoon tea  £34.99 per person
£5 per person deposit. 

Afternoon Tea can only be pre booked on the link below.

Not the normal booking link. 

Everything that’s included in our Afternoon tea :


Cinnamon scones

Vegetarian samosas

Sweet potato dumplings

Sour dough sandwiches (vegetarian option must be notified in advance)

Mumbai masala potatoes grilled sandwich

Chicken tikka sandwich    

Salmon and guacamole   


Coconut and Saffron Cheesecake

Chocolate cake

Chocolate silk

Fruit tart

Mango lassi drink

Assorted macaroons

One Tea or Coffee per person from a selection of teas and coffees. 

Served with an assortment of creams, jams, butter and mint yoghurt 

Vegetarian Afternoon Tea Also Available. Mention when booking. 

Afternoon Tea
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