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World Wide Culinary Holidays 

One of the best ways to really get to know a destination is through its food and drink. Let us take you on a hand crafted tasting adventure. 
Croatia Culinary Food Holiday
Dev Biswal

Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to provide passionate travellers and food enthusiasts with the chance to immerse themselves in unforgettable, culturally immersive culinary journeys. Through carefully curated small-group experiences, we offer luxurious accommodations and travel in some of the world's most diverse countries.

We are committed to celebrating the rich history of each destination through its cuisine, forging connections with local communities who hold the stories that shape their culinary traditions. By fostering cultural exchange and appreciation, we aim to inspire visitors to explore the wonders of the United Kingdom and discover its hidden treasures."

Croatia Culinary Tour 2022
Croatia Culinary Tour 2022

It's been my lifelong passion to travel the world on Culinary tours with like minded people. I started this journey in 2022 in Croatia and made lifelong friends. I cannot wait to return in 2025. 

Croatia 2023 Photo Album Here

We were not sure and had never been on a group holiday before but it was brilliant..........

we just needed to book, pay and turn up.....every decision was taken and it was so nice to do.

...the cooking demands on me, fortunately, were not so great, I have learnt how to milk a goat though.

.....not intimidating for non-cooks but plenty to learn for those who do want to cook.

I can manage the eating and drinking.



Gaynor - winner of best Croatia Tour photo

Croatia 2023

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Meet Your Tour Hosts....

Hi, I am Dev Biswal. I am the executive chef and founder of the Cook's Tale Restaurant. Join me on my culinary adventures to exotic locations and explore local cultures through their cuisine. I believe in creating memories for my guests. Each of these tours have been hand crafted to create unforgettable memories..

Hi,  I am Chris Brown, my passion has always been travel and for 35 years I have been a dedicated Worldwide Tour Director/ Tour Guide, visiting all over the world. 

I am fascinated by different cultures, food & experiences and have been helping groups of people experience unforgettable trips from Asia to South America.

The needs of travellers are wide ranging and I enjoy making sure all groups have a wonderful experience by taking the strain and making sure everything is well organised and runs smoothly.

Tour Manager
Dev Biswal in Morocco

Hi, I am Louise Strutt. My career journey has been diverse, from an accountant to a Pilates instructor. Whilst bringing up a large family and running my own business I have learnt to balance the demands of work, family life, and professional pursuits, I have become quite the organiser.

I take pride in providing excellent service, and it brings me joy to see people enjoying the results of my efforts.

To use my skills in an environment of great food and new experiences is very exciting.

Tour Team
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