12 Course Tasting Menu


3 Courses 

Special Price: £19.99 (Valid till 23rd July, 2022) 

Normally priced - £24.99

Lunch  Mon to Sat (Not available on Sundays)



Trio of Vegetarian Street Food
Steamed Vermicelli cake, sweet potato and chickpea flour dumpling, homemade samosas, tomato chutney.

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - gluten, Dairy, (Ask for vegan option)  


Filled Portobello Mushroom
Filled Portobello mushroom with spinach, vegan cheese, assorted peppers, mango and garlic tomato chutney. 

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - gluten


Chicken Thigh Tikka, Herb & Coriander and Chicken Breast Tikka, Mace and Cardamom

Coriander chutney, chicken roulade, mixed veg raita

Allergen Advice: - Contains: Dairy. Eggs. Celery.

Stour valley wood pigeon, pigeon leg lollipop, rhubarb chili chutney

Allergen Advice: - Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Celery, Mustard


Dosai with Gently Spiced Potatoes, Mustard, and Onions
Sambar, assorted chutneys. The Dosai is a South Indian crepe and is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. 

Allergen Advice: - Contains: Celery, Dairy, Mustard (Ask for vegan option)  


Lemon Crab cake, grilled prawns and Soft-shell crab 

Allergen Advice: - Directly contains: - molluscs, crustaceans, fish, mustard, gluten, egg, sesame seeds




Large Dosai with Gently Spiced Potatoes, Mustard and Onions

Extra filling options: Spinach / Avocado
Allergen Advice: - Contains: Celery. Dairy, Mustard, (Ask for vegan option)

Aloo Gobi Wellington, celeriac puree, tender stem broccoli   

Spiced potato and cauliflower Wellington with Kentish Ashmore cheese and creamy celeriac puree.

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, Dairy , Mustard  

Tandoori Vegetable Chargrilled Platter 

Portobello mushroom, cauliflower and new potato skewers, balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes, tomato and ginger sauce, yogurt raita, julienne salad and flaky paratha.

Allergen Advice: - Contains: Dairy, mustard, gluten and nuts

Chicken Biryani, butter chicken sauce

The King of biriyani. Slow cooked brochettes of chicken, sealed in a pastry with premium basmati rice & aromatic spices. Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, Dairy, mustard

Lamb Lasagne, with nutmeg and pepper, stir fried vegetables, Kashmiri sauce

Allergen Advice: - Contains: Dairy. gluten, nuts


Seafood Pasta 

(Some bones will remain in the fish)

Allergen Advice: - Contains: Fish. Celery. Dairy. Mustard. crustaceans, molluscs, gluten


Pork Belly Pie

Allergen advice. Directly contains: -Dairy, nuts, gluten



Garlic and coriander naan £3.95 | Chickpea Masala £5.95 | Crispy okra £5.95 | Seasonal mixed vegetables £4.95 | Biryani rice £3.95 | Spinach and lentil £4.95 |Masala potatoes £4.95 assorted pickles and chutneys




Rose and vanilla crème brulee

Served with rose brittle, brandy butter, fresh fruit. An exotic twist to a classical French dessert with a subtle hint of rose and Madagascan vanilla. 

(Allergy: Egg, Dairy)


Lemon bavarois

Served with brandy butter, chocolate diamond, fresh fruit.  An excellent palate cleanser after a flavoursome and spicy meal. Star anise adds depth and complexity of flavour to this tangy citrusy French pudding. 

(Allergy: Dairy, gluten)


Spanish saffron, Madagascan vanilla and coconut cheesecake

Served with seasonal fruit coulis, chocolate diamond, fresh fruit. This is our twist on a classic cheese cake. Not too sweet. Creamy with hints of saffron. 

(Allergy: Dairy, gluten) 


Chocolate samosas

Served with passion fruit and guava parfait, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit and chocolate diamond. 

Handcrafted by our dessert chefs, these moreish nuggets of sweet pastry and milk chocolate were introduced to Kent by us in 2005.  

(Allergy: Gluten, Dairy, sulphur dioxide, egg)


Mango kulfi

(Allergy: Dairy, nuts, egg) 


Vegan Chocolate Delice 

A treat for vegans made with dairy free milk chocolate on a ginger nut biscuit base. The mousse is created using plant-based cream and butter. Served with mango coulis, fresh fruit and rose brittle.

(Allergy: Gluten, nut, peanuts, soya)