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3 Courses

Lunch Mon to Sun (closed Tue & Wed) 



Black chickpea , potatoes chaat tart , assorted chutneys , gram flour crispies 

Directly contains: - Gluten , dairy


Portobello wellington gujiya, poppy seeds (posto) patty

Gujiyas are fried dough pockets that are filled with sweet or savory fillings. These little dumplings look like mini Cornish pasties. Mango and red onion salad, garlic and tomato chutney, mint and coriander chutney

Directly contains: - Gluten ,mustard


Kebab of tandoori style chicken breast chargrilled on Japanese Binchotan charcoal, Kolkata chicken soup

Coriander chutney, chicken roulade, yogurt raita.

Directly contains: - Milk, Eggs, Celery,Sesame ,Mustard 


Dosai with gently spiced potatoes, mustard and onions 

Sambar, assorted chutneys. The Dosai is a South Indian crepe and is rich in carbohydrates and proteins.  

Directly contains: - Celery, dairy, mustard (Ask for vegan option)  


Wild Cod steamed in a banana leaf

Directly contains: -  Fish, mustard, crustaceans , mollusc


Onion, spinach and sweet potato fritter with mixed chutneys 

Directly contains: -  Mustard


Lamb sheekh kebab , coriander chutney

Directly contains:  Gluten, mustard 



Large Dosai with gently spiced Potatoes, mustard and onions

Filling selection: Masala potato I Spinach I Avocado

Directly contains: - Celery,  Mustard, (Ask for vegan option) 


Butter paneer , seasonal vegetables kadai, Bengali roast potatoes with poppy seeds

Flaky paratha,cumin rice

Directly contains: - Dairy, mustard, gluten


Vegetable thali

utter Paneer, black chickpea masala, Bengali roast potatoes with poppy seeds, lentils, seasonal vegetables kadai, cumin rice, paratha, poppadoms, salad, onion bhaji, raita ,lentil and garlic crumb, homemade pickle.
Directly contains: - Gluten, mustard

Chicken Biryani, butter chicken sauce with seasonal vegetables, yogurt raita

Directly contains: -  Gluten, Dairy, mustard 


Slow cooked lamb in sauce of piper chaba, ginger and aromatic spices

Served with flaky paratha and cumin rice. Piper chaba also known as “Chui pepper” is called the forgotten culinary fire in Indian cuisine.It is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and has an intense and earthy flavor. No one in India had heard of chillies before the Portuguese brought it in the early 15th century.

Directly contains: - Dairy. gluten, mustard


Wild Sea Bass

Cumin rice, mustard jus , sautéed spinach

Allergen advice. Directly contains: -  mustard, fish, crustaceans, molluscs 


Tiger prawn served in Kerala style malai sauce

Served with masala potatoes,cumin rice and sauteed spinach

Allergen Advice: - Contains: Mustard, crustaceans, molluscs, dairy



Rose and vanilla crème brulee 

Served with rose brittle, brandy butter, and fresh fruit. An exotic twist to a classical French dessert with a subtle hint of rose and Madagascan vanilla.  

Directly contains: - Egg, Dairy


Lemon bavarois 

Served with brandy butter, chocolate diamond, and fresh fruit. An excellent palate cleanser after a flavorsome and spicy meal. Star anise adds depth and complexity of flavor to this tangy citrusy French pudding.

Directly contains: - Dairy, egg


Spanish saffron, Madagascan vanilla and coconut cheesecake

Served with seasonal fruit coulis, chocolate diamond, fresh fruit. This is our twist on a classic cheese cake. Not too sweet. Creamy with hints of saffron. 

Directly contains: - Dairy, gluten


Chocolate samosas 

Served with passion fruit and guava parfait, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit and chocolate diamond.  Handcrafted by our dessert chefs, these moreish nuggets of sweet pastry and milk chocolate were introduced to Kent by us in 2005.

Directly contains: - Gluten, Dairy, sulphur dioxide, egg


Mango kulfi

Directly contains: - Dairy,  egg


Vegan Chocolate Delice  

A treat for vegans made with dairy free milk chocolate on a ginger nut biscuit base. The mousse is created using plant-based cream and butter. Served with mango coulis, fresh fruit and rose brittle.

Directly contains: - Gluten, nut,  peanuts, soya

"Wonderful time and lunch with friends

Lunch with friends at this place was fabulous. They offer vegan and vegetarian options. The food arrived quickly and it was tasty. Friendly staff and refreshing cocktails. Good location of the restaurant as well. We will be back."

Vufik Vasken 

Tripadvisor 13 Sep 23

Enjoyable food full of flavour. Exceptional customer service. Highly recommended

Fantastic Indian restaurant that left a lasting impression on us. We were greeted by a warm and welcoming lady.
The lady who served us was not only knowledgeable about the menu but also incredibly attentive to our needs. She guided us through the diverse dishes, making excellent recommendations based on our preferences.
The food was extremely tasty. The flavours were authentic and unforgettable. We will be back"


Tripadvisor Sep 23


Lovely unexpected experience

Ashar served us yesterday evening, we went for a quick eat just before we went on a ghost tour. She was very informative and had a good recommendation for us as we haven’t tried much Indian dishes. She was prompt and very knowledgeable plus she gave us a proper service explaining us how to eat the food to enjoy the full experience. She is a star, thank you so much for the experience. Will be back!"


Aug 2023 

"Delicious food and fab service We’ve eaten here twice in recent months and each time the food has been delicious! The first time we had the set lunch, and then last night the Bottomless Thali.
Both have been fab; flavoursome and tasty.
The staff and service is great too. Ashar, the manager, in particular is brilliant and an asset to the restaurant.
I’d highly recommend The Cook’s Tale, and plan to return again soon!



Aug 2023

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