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SPECIAL DEAL: 2 for 1 on all Tapas Lunch Dishes until 31st May 2024

Monday & Thursday 12 PM - 3.00 PM  - Last Order: 2:30 PM 

Friday - Sunday 12 PM - 4.30 PM - Last Order: 4:00 PM

*Terms and conditions apply

Our Lunch menu consists of a variety of small plates made up of tapas style dishes. You can order any one dish or a selection of dishes to enjoy on your own or share with friends, family or work colleagues. Our menu is also designed in a way that enables our guests to sample a wide range of dishes before making bookings for a more elaborate a la carte style evening dinner experience.

This menu suits diners who are dining on their own, in twos or in big groups. Our service style for lunch is more casual and does not follow a three course sequence. Essentially, the dishes are served as soon as they are ready. Biryanis, dosas and thalis are bigger dishes more like main courses.

Vegetarian / Vegan dishes £12.95 per dish


Sweet potato dumplings, coconut chutney, sambar 2pcs £4.95

This is a typical street food snack from South and Western India. Great for vegans and for people with gluten intolerances.

(Vegan) (Allergen: Mustard )

Homemade vegetarian samosa, chickpea, chutneys VE 1 pcs £4.95

This South Asian pastry savoury snack has a filling of potatoes, red onions, sweet corn, and spices.

(Ask for Vegan option) (Allergen : Gluten, dairy)

Steamed vegetable idli , sambar , coconut chutney 1pcs £3.95

Idli is a rice based steamed pancake with spiced vegetables .(Ask for vegan option).

(Allergen : Mustard, milk)

Poppy seeds (posto) and coconut patty , mango chutney 2pcs £4.95

(Vegan) (Allergen : Gluten,mustard)


Seasonal vegetable cigar, tomato and garlic chutney 1pcs £4.95

(Allergen : Mustard, gluten)

Pani poori (4pieces) £4.95

(Allergen: Gluten)

Mushroom and potato wellington gujiya, red lentil and tomato sauce £4.95

(Allergen : Gluten , mustard )

Crispy okra £4.95


Assorted Indian flat bread £4.95

Plain/garlic coriander/ chilli/ sundried tomatoes and rosemary

(Allergen: Gluten )

Stuffed potato paratha, yogurt raita £4.95

(Allergen:Gluten, mustard,dairy )

Stuffed onion and pepper paratha , yogurt raita £4.95

(Allergen: Gluten, mustard, dairy)

Meat Dishes


Bhuna style pork ribs £8.95

A Cook’s Tale speciality made of slow roasted pork shoulder infused with Indian and Chinese flavours.

(Allergen : None )

Crispy chicken cutlet with a mint and yoghurt raita and fresh salad 1pcs £8.95

(Allergen: Dairy, gluten, egg)

Goan style spiced scotch quail eggs with cinnamon onion and tomato sauce 2 pcs £6.95

(Allergen: Gluten, milk, egg)

Local wood pigeon, mango and chilli chutney £7.95

(Allergen: Mustard )

Mallard duck breast, sweet chilli sauce £9.95

(Allergen: Soya , mustard )

Lamb kebab , sundried and rosemary bread, mint and coriander chutney , mango and onion salad £8.95

(Allergen: Gluten, milk)

Pulled lamb cigar, fresh salad, chilli garlic mayo 1pcs £7.95

(Allergen: Gluten,mayo)

Bengali chicken puff, salad, butter chicken sauce 1 pcs £7.95

(Allergen : Gluten, mustard, milk)

Seafood Dishes


Seafood cake, tomato and garlic chutney 2pcs £7.95

(Allergen : Gluten, Crustacean, Egg, Fish, Mollusc, Mustard)

Fillet of grilled sea bass, spinach, Kerala style coconut sauce £9.95

We have drawn inspiration from a traditional Kerala recipe called fish moilee.

(Allergen : Fish, Dairy, Mustard, Mollusc ,Crustaceans)

Tiger prawn grilled in a seafood marinade,tamarind chutney £9.95

These prawns are coated in a marinade of mustard, ginger and aromatic spices and then lightly grilled. They are mild to medium in flavour.

(Allergen: Crustacean, Mustard)

Soft shell crab, crab raita, pickled samphire £9.95

These delicious crabs are caught in the warm waters of the Indian rivers, they are a rare delicacy and are only

harvested three months in a year.

(Allergen : Crustaceans, Mollusc, Fish, Mustard, Gluten)

Cod steamed in banana leaf 2pcs £8.95

(Allergen: Mustard)

Tilapia pakoras with mustard mayo 2 pcs £7.95

(Allergen: Dairy )


A thin and crispy South Indian crepe, made using a rice and lentil batter, filled with a variety of savoury fillings (selection below).

Served with a lentil soup called sambar and an assortment of chutneys.

(Allergens: Celery, Milk, Mustard, Egg) (Ask for vegan)


Choose From:

Dosas for 1: Masala potato - £16.95 Spinach - £17.95 Chicken - £20.95 Lamb - £22.95


A Thali refers to an indian style meal made up of various small tapas style dishes served on a round platter. (Allergens change on a daily basis)

Vegetarian Thali - £22.95

Butter Paneer, black chickpea masala, Bengali roast potatoes with poppy seeds, lentils, seasonal roast vegetables , cumin rice, paratha, poppadoms, salad, onion bhaji, crispy okra, raita, samosa, homemade pickle.

Vegan Thali - £22.95

Smoked Aubergine mash, black chickpea masala, Bengali roast potatoes with poppy seeds, lentils, seasonal roast vegetables, cumin rice, paratha, poppadoms, salad, onion bhaji, crispy okra, samosa, coriander chutney, homemade pickle.

Seafood Thali - £28.95

Kerala Style Prawn and squid, grilled sea bass, crab cake, soft shell crab, lentils, Bengali roast potatoes with poppy seeds, seasonal roasted vegetables, cumin rice, paratha, poppadoms, crispy salad, raita, homemade pickles.

Meat Thali - £28.95

Butter chicken, lamb shoulder on the bone, lamb kebab, chicken cutlet, samosa, Bengali roast potatoes with poppy seeds, seasonal roasted vegetables, lentils, paratha, cumin rice, poppadoms, crispy salad, raita, homemade pickles.

Extra sides: Fresh poppadoms with seasonal fruit chutney £4.95 Cumin rice £3.95 Aubergine mash £4.95

Bengali fondant potatoes £5.95 Spinach lentils £5.95 Black chickpea masala £5.95 Assorted pickles and

chutneys £3.95


We cook our chicken and lamb on the bone as it is traditional and more flavourful .


Chicken Biryani - £22.95

Butter chicken sauce with seasonal vegetables, yoghurt raita.

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, milk, mustard


Lamb Biryani - £24.95

Cinnamon flavoured lamb sauce with seasonal vegetables, yoghurt raita.

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, milk, mustard


Seafood Biryani - £24.95

South Indian style sauce with sauteed spinach, yoghurt raita.

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, milk, mustard


Vegetable Biryani - £17.95

Seasonal vegetables and paneer, lentil dahl, yoghurt raita.

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, milk, mustard

Hot drink and mini dessert £12.95

(Without hot drink (£9.95)

Choose a pudding:


Rose and Vanilla Crème Brûlée.

An exotic twist to a classical French dessert with a subtle hint of rose and Madagascan vanilla.

(Allergy: Egg, Milk)

Chocolate Samosa.

Handcrafted by our dessert chefs, these moreish nuggets of sweet pastry and milk chocolate were introduced to Kent by us in 2005.

(Allergen: Gluten, Milk, Sulphur dioxide , Egg)

Mango Kulfi.

It is a traditional Indian Ice cream. Every region has its own flavour and speciality. It is a popular choice during the hot and sweltering Indian summer months.

(Allergen : Milk,Egg)

Lemon Bavarois.

An excellent palate cleanser after a flavoursome and spicy meal. Star anise adds depth and complexity of flavour to this tangy citrusy French pudding.

(Allergy: Milk,egg)

Spanish Saffron, Madagascan Vanilla and Coconut Cheesecake.

This is our twist on a classic cheesecake. Not too sweet. Creamy with hints of saffron.

(Allergen: Milk, Gluten)

Chocolate Tart.

This is one not to be missed by chocoholics! Rich Chocolate tart with indulgent chocolate biscuit base

(Allergen: Gluten, Milk, Egg, Nuts, Peanuts, Soya)

Vegan Chocolate Delice.

A treat for vegans made with dairy free dark chocolate on a ginger nut biscuit base. The mousse is created using plant based cream and butter.  

(Allergen : Gluten, Nuts, Peanuts, Soya)

Choose a Hot Drink : (Coconut milk available on request)

Hot Chocolate £4.95

Chai Latte £6.45


Americano £3.95

Latte £3.95

Flat White £3.95

Cappuccino £3.95

Single £2.45 / Double Espresso £3.45


Masala Chai £6.45

English Breakfast Tea £4.25

Peppermint Tea £4.25

Green Tea £4.25

Chamomile £4.25

Red Berry Tea £4.25

Earl Grey £4.25

"Wonderful time and lunch with friends. Lunch with friends at this place was fabulous. They offer vegan and vegetarian options. The food arrived quickly and it was tasty. Friendly staff and refreshing cocktails. Good location of the restaurant as well. We will be back."

Vufik Vasken 

Tripadvisor 13 Sep 23

"Enjoyable food full of flavour. Exceptional customer service. Highly recommended.  Fantastic Indian restaurant that left a lasting impression on us. We were greeted by a warm and welcoming lady.  The lady who served us was not only knowledgeable about the menu but also incredibly attentive to our needs. She guided us through the diverse dishes, making excellent recommendations based on our preferences. The food was extremely tasty. The flavours were authentic and unforgettable. We will be back"


Tripadvisor Sep 23

"Lovely unexpected experience. Ashar served us yesterday evening, we went for a quick eat just before we went on a ghost tour. She was very informative and had a good recommendation for us as we haven’t tried much Indian dishes. She was prompt and very knowledgeable plus she gave us a proper service explaining us how to eat the food to enjoy the full experience. She is a star, thank you so much for the experience. Will be back!"


Aug 2023 

"Delicious food and fab service We’ve eaten here twice in recent months and each time the food has been delicious! The first time we had the set lunch, and then last night the Bottomless Thali.
Both have been fab; flavoursome and tasty.
The staff and service is great too. Ashar, the manager, in particular is brilliant and an asset to the restaurant.  I’d highly recommend The Cook’s Tale, and plan to return again soon!"


Aug 2023

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