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 Discover the flavours of Bengali
12 Course Tasting Menu


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£70.00 - 12 course  Tasting Menu

£90.00  with matching wines (50 ml served with every course) 

Special Deal :

Book before 26th May to get special price £39.99 per person.

(£69.99 with matched wines). 

Available from 14th May to 14th June

Dev has just returned from his foodie tour to Eastern India. On this trip Dev and his
group travelled to the coastal state of Odisha and Kolkata - ‘’The culinary heartland of
Bengal’’ . We have created a unique 12 course tasting menu inspired by dishes we

enjoyed during our travels to India.

Kolkata style puchka

Puffed crisp balls, which are filled with a spicy mix of potatoes , some lentil, and a nice tangy spicy

water. Iconic street food dish from Kolkata.

Bengali chicken cutlet, kasundi mustard sauce

A cutlet, similar to a schnitzel, is made by seasoning a thinned slice of meat and coating it with

eggs ,spices and breadcrumbs. It is one of the city's most beloved snacks.

(Chardonnay, Spain)

Venison sheekh kebab , spicy green mango chutney

This kebabs are deliciously smokey as they are grilled over Japanese Binchotan charcoal - the finest

charcoal in the world

Kolkata style indo-chinese chicken soup

This dish has its origins from the Chinese community who settled in Kolkata during the 15th century

Pointed gourd (Potol) filled with masala onions,daal

Potol or pointed gourd is a very popular vegetable from Eastern India. It is highly rated as one of

the most nutritious monsoon vegetables.
(Sauvignon Blanc , Chile)

Tender banana stem patty, lentil and garlic crumbs, tomato and ginger sauce.
Tender banana stems have a sweet and tart flavour and a crunchy texture. They are harvested
from the inner stem of the banana plant and are highly rated for their fibre content.

(Chenin Blanc,South Africa)

Wild sea bass , Bengali mustard jus, sautéed spinach and greens

(Pinot Grigio,Romania)

Jumbo black tiger prawn in malai sauce

“Malai” is a creamy coconut sauce from Eastern India. This dish has a Malaysian influence and the
early version of the recipe might have been brought by Malaysian sailors to the Bay of Bengal

around the 6th or 7th century AD
(Tempranillo Rosado , Spain)

Lamb fillet, lamb croquet , sauce of piper chaba, ginger and aromatic spices ,Bengali style

rosemary fondant potatoes

Piper chaba also know as “Chui pepper” is called the forgotten culinary fire in Indian cuisine.It is
indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and has as intense and earthy flavour. No one in India had

heard of chillies before the Portuguese brought it in the early 15th century.



Crunchy funnel-cake style fried spirals are doused in a sweet saffron sauce for a delightful treat

Sponge Rasgulla

Traditional bengali milk-based dessert recipe made with cheese. It is known for its creamy and

spongy texture

Steamed mango yoghurt

A delicious medley of spring mangoes and yoghurt steamed to perfection.

£70.00 - 12 course  Tasting Menu

£90.00  with matching wines (50 ml served with every course)

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