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 Discover the flavours Indian Street Food 
12 Course Tasting Menu


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£79.99 - 12 course  Tasting Menu

£110.00  with matching wines (50 ml served with every course) 

Special Deal :

Book before 21st July to get special price £49.99 per person.

(£79.99 with matched wines). 

Available from 10th July to 20th August 

I have tasted some of the most delicious dishes in my life on the streets of India.

These humble street food artists are masters in creating exquisite flavours. Some of the most popular dishes on my menu at the Cook’s tale have been inspired by iconic street food dishes. In the next few months, we are going to bring to life street dishes from every major region of India. Kolkata - The city of Joy


Coconut rabri lassi

 Creamy reduced milk and fresh coconut lassi  


Jhaal moori

Puffed rice with chutneys, chickpeas, potatoes and spices


Spiced Venison Kathi rolls with Naga chilli sauce

Succulent spicy slow roasted venison kebabs, flaky paratha, julienne of onions and carrots, naga chilli sauce.

(Malbec, Argentina)


Kolkata style seafood cutlet, cabin salad, Kasundi mustard

Soft Barramundi and crab croquettes fried crisp with Panko crumbs.

(Pinot Grigio, Romania) 


Poppy seeds patty , green mango chutney

Traditional poppy seeds fritters

(Chenin Blanc, South Africa)


Begun bhaja, sweet aubergine pickle

Aubergine steaks - shallow fried crisp on the outside and soft inside.

(Sauvignon Blanc, Chile)


Pot roasted chicken puffs , tomato garlic chutney

Crispy flaky puff pastry filled with spiced chicken

(Tempranillo rosado, spain)


King fish Jhol , Malabar spinach

Delicious King fish simmered in a sauce of garlic, mustard and tomatoes .

(Chardonnay, Spain)


Lamb Kosha with Rice pitha

Slow roasted lamb leg served with a delicious steamed rice cake

(Shiraj, Australia) 


Misti Doi

Fermented sweet yoghurt pudding flavoured with date palm jaggery.


Ras malai

                             Cardamom and saffron flavoured milk cakes soaked in sweetened milk.


Sweet Masala chai , Parle G biscuits

Strong Assam tea and whole spices including fresh ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves.

£79.99 - 12 course  Tasting Menu

£110.00  with matching wines (50 ml served with every course)

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