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 Discover the flavours of Odisha
12 Course Tasting Menu


12-Course Odisha Menu
12-Course Odisha Menu
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£49.95 - 12-course Tasting Menu

£79.95 with matching wines (50 ml served with every course)

Special Deal :

Book before 7th of July to get special price.

Normal price £70 pounds for 12 courses

£100 with matching wines (50 ml served with every course)

Available from 24th of June to 31st of July

In January 2025 we are taking our Guests on our culinary tour of Dev’s home state-Odisha situated in eastern India.

On this tour we will be spending 10 days in India indulging in local culture and cuisine.

We will cook with local chefs, visit food markets, taste Indian wines and explore a lot of exotic locations. Odisha as a destination has won numerous tourism awards due to its picturesque landscapes, friendly people and delicious              cuisine. It has been hailed as “India’s best kept secret”

Coconut Lassi

An excellent summer cooler seen on the streets of the capital city of Odisha.

This popular beverage is made with thickened yogurt and freshly grated coconut .



Phuchka with sprouts

Puffed crisp balls, which are filled with a spicy mix of sprouts and lentil, and a nice tangy spicy water. Iconic street food dish from Odisha.



Vegetable samosa with tamarind chutney

Odisha Singara is a popular snack from Odisha, similar to samosas, featuring a spiced filling of potatoes, peas, peanuts, and vegetables, encased in a crispy dough. It's typically deep-fried and served with chutneys, reflecting the state's unique culinary traditions.



Mushroom pitha

Mushroom Pitha is a traditional Odisha dish made from rice flour dough stuffed with a Savory mushroom filling, then steamed or pan-fried. It combines the earthy Flavors of mushrooms with local spices, offering a unique twist on the classic pitha.


Dahi Vada Aloo  Dum

Dahi Vada Aloo Dum is a popular dish from Odisha, consisting of dahi vada (fried lentil dumplings soaked in yogurt) served with aloo dum (spicy potato curry). It's a flavourful combination of textures and tastes, often enjoyed as a snack or during festive occasions.


Fresh water prawn bhuna

Fresh water prawn bhuna is a South Asian delicacy featuring prawns cooked in a spicy, aromatic sauce of onions, tomatoes, and traditional spices, perfect with rice or naan.



Wild sea bass besara  with coconut rice

Wild sea bass besara is a traditional Odia dish where sea bass is cooked in a mustard-based sauce, complemented by aromatic spices. It is often served with coconut rice, adding a sweet and fragrant balance to the spicy fish curry.



Chicken Jhola with chakuli pitha

Chicken Jhola is a traditional Odisha dish where chicken is cooked in a spicy gravy, often with mustard paste and spices, served with Chakuli Pitha, a Savory rice pancake.



Leg of Lamb Kasa with Burnt Aubergine mash

Leg of lamb kasa is a flavourful Indian dish where lamb leg is cooked in a rich, spiced tomato-based sauce, served alongside burnt aubergine mash, a smoky eggplant puree.

Grilled goat cutlet with Coriander chutney/Kai chutney

Coriander Chutney: Grilled goat cutlet with coriander chutney is a dish featuring tender, marinated goat meat cutlets grilled to perfection and served with a fresh, tangy coriander chutney. This dish is related to Mayurbhanj, a district in Odisha, India, known for its rich culinary heritage that often includes goat meat in its traditional cuisine.


Kai Chutney: Kai Chutney is a tangy accompaniment to our Grilled Goat Cutlet, made with green mangoes, red chili, mustard seeds, and a hint of sweetness. It features traditional Flavors of Mayurbhanj, Odisha, with a unique twist incorporating ants.



Jumbo Gulab jamun

Jumbo Gulab Jamun is a dessert featuring large, soft, and spongy milk-solid-based dumplings, deep-fried and soaked in a fragrant sugar syrup flavoured with cardamom and rose water. This variation of the traditional Indian sweet is known for its generous size and rich, syrupy sweetness.



Jumbo rasgulla

Jumbo Rasgulla is an enlarged version of the traditional Indian sweet, made from soft, spongy balls of chenna (Indian cottage cheese) cooked in a light sugar syrup. This dessert is known for its larger size and its juicy, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

£49.95 - 12-course Tasting Menu

£79.95 with matching wines (50 ml served with every course)

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